What do you understand to be the facilitation process?

In the context of mediation, the facilitation process is based on the mediator controlling the process, while the parties are in charge of the outcome. The mediator facilitates discussion between the parties in order for them to come to an agreement based on information and understanding. Usually in joint sessions with all parties present, the mediator ensures the parties have the major influence on decisions made.

Facilitation is a process in which the participants (usually a group), with the assistance of a dispute resolution practitioner (the facilitator), identify problems to be solved, tasks to be accomplished or disputed issues to be resolved.

Used often in family disputes, workplace or civil disputes, mediation and the facilitation process are tried and tested techniques used to resolve disputes and the bring about transformation in the relationship, particularly where there is an ongoing relationship.

Do you need help with issue or problem? Our approach helps gain clarity about your goals, resources, options or preferences and then assistance to make ‘clear and deliberate decisions.’

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