Mediation Outcomes

Mediation Outcomes use the ‘transformative’ approach to mediation that assists people to seek solutions on their own and seeks mutual recognition of the parties involved, enabling the parties to absorb and comprehend (but not necessarily agree with) the other persons point of view – to understand how they define the problem and why they seek a particular solution. Often, empowerment and recognition pave the way for a mutually agreeable settlement, but that is only a secondary effect. This approach do not always seek resolution of the immediate problem, but rather seeks to empower the parties to define their own issues and to.

We aim to help you improve communication and decision-making, and to foster empowerment and recognition, enabling you the ability to approach your current problem, as well as later problems, with a stronger, more open view.

We’ll help you gain clarity about or skills with regards to the goals, resources, options or preferences and then use this information to make  assist you to make ‘clear and deliberate decisions.’ This type of empowerment is called skill-based empowerment, meaning that parties are empowered by improving their own conflict-resolution skills.

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